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About Bushido Martial Arts

Reality Based Training (The Stuff that Works!)

Bushido Provides a Complete Self-Defense System An Open Mind Cross Training has been proven to be superior to single-style based systems in realistic fighting situations. REALISM is an important aspect of Bushido training, meaning that outdated or ineffective techniques are not taught. Only those techniques and training principles that have been proven effective in realistic situations are included in the program. There are many "traditional" methods of training that are outdated or have simply been proven wrong! Martial Arts and self-defense as well as everything else must evolve. However, many instructors continue to teach their students these obsolete techniques because of tradition.

Bushido Provides a Complete Self-Defense System

Bushido is not bound to any traditional martial arts style. Instead we train in the most effective techniques and modern combative training available today. We have a modern method of cross training in traditional martial arts and modern combat, designed to test, identify, and integrate the most effective techniques, principles and training for truly effective self defense such as those used by pro fighters, law enforcement and military personnel. Bushido has an emphasis on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu due to its proven effectiveness in realistic fighting situations and going on the fact that 85% of all fights end up on the ground. Since there are so many situations that ground fighting might not be the best choice of self-defense, we also cross train in Judo and standing striking arts such as Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Cross training has been proven superior to single style-based systems in realistic fighting situations

An Open Mind

Above all, here at Bushido we are open-minded and welcome all input from other Martial Arts and self-defense methods and value any techniques from other Martial Artists. There has never been any one system or fighter that has all the answers to every situation. We offer all our knowledge and experience freely with an open heart and have an open mind to learn at every possibility to improve ourselves and our skills. You should never stop learning or close your mind to "other ways" or "new techniques". Martial Arts should never stay the same because of "Tradition". Everything in life evolves and changes. So must Martial Arts and Martial Artists.

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