What is keeping you from doing Jiu-Jitsu?

Really think about that question. Do you think about starting Mixed Martial Arts Training? So what is keeping you from taking that next step? Some common things I hear as a Mixed Martial Arts Instructor.

  1. Procrastination: It is easy to find any excuse to not start. Any day that ends in “y” we can find a ton of excuses. I have things to do. I am busy. I don’t have enough time to work. Blah blah blah. What you put off for a day becomes a week. A week becomes months and a month becomes a year. Don’t put it off any longer. Take the step and get started. Trust me it’s one thing you don’t want to wait till you need it to wish you would have started sooner. Kinda like swimming lessons. Get your health and life back. Take the step.
  2. I need to get into shape first: Come on let’s face the facts people if we were going to get in shape first we wouldn’t be out of shape in the first place. Most people need the push. It is simply not true that you need to get into shape first. All Jiu-Jitsu programs have a built-in strength and conditioning program. From the day you start on the mat you start getting in shape. You are going to start gaining strength and cardio the moment you start. We do it for you. Take the step
  3. I can’t afford it:  How much does the average Martial Arts Training Cost? Let’s break it down. Most Jiu Jitsu programs range around a hundred dollars, to a little over a hundred dollars a month. To keep it simple let's make it an even $100.00 a month. That’s $25.00 a week. If you go three times a week that’s about $8.oo a class. Seriously? Do you cant afford that? How much do you spend on fast food a week? How much did you spend going out last weekend? How much did you spend on those new shoes or headphones? How much did you spend on your phone buying iTunes or games? We can easily cut less important things out of our lives to afford $25.00 a week for physical and mental health. Most importantly to be able to invest in the ability to defend ourselves. Mixed Martial Arts Training is more affordable than you think. You see $100.00 per month, but if you break down the cost for Martial Arts Training into weeks or days you can set aside your monthly dues fairly easily. Make a  decision to take the average $5-$10 per day that you might spend on snacks at the gas station into a Martial Arts Training fund and you will find that you can acquire your monthly dues very quickly and easily. In addition to starting your Martial Arts Training and continuing it each month, you can replace unhealthy life habits with healthy ones and double your personal improvement. 

If you have any other questions about starting? please comment below. Quit putting it off there is no time like now. Start training today!

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